This is where it starts to get really fun. Here you get to throw out everything you know about energy as it is today and start thinking about the impossibly possible. Don't you love that! This is where we push the paradigm... in a place where the American people are protected and do not stand to bear the burden of any folly that may ensue only the benefit of what works. Here you will meet companies who've never thought inside the box. Heck, they don't even believe the box exists... which may be the very reason they are so capable of working on and creating the impossibly possible.


So, I'll be doing a lot of traveling... talking to the think-tanks, the venture capitalists, the small businesses, inventors, entrepreneurs and soloprenuers. Private industry types. Capitalists building on dreams. I will show you the very reason why Obama and his team's radical agenda will never truly take hold of America. Dick Morris explains it very well in his book, Catastrophe. Obama's success depends on the working poor voting for him. He rewards them through a system that will require them to pay very little, if any taxes. (Taxes are what he passes to the so-called-rich... through his income redistribution policies.) The point Obama doesn't get, Dick Morris points out, and immigrants to this country vividly demonstrate is nobody came here to remain the "working poor." We're all trying to get to the next level. So, if Obama has his way and he virtually removes the voting power of the so-called-rich (who represent less than 25% of the voting public) by enlisting the loyalty of the working poor to keep him in office, Obama's going to be very busy... they don't intend to be the "working poor" forever. They could have stayed where they were for that! Obama's policies cannot endure in the Land of the Free. That's why we have to stop the radical Left from stealing the American dream and turning the United States of America into the "Nanny States" of America. In the 2010 election, we must drastically reduce the power of the radical Left which now rules Congress and vote Obama out in 2012.


If you think the "green energy" innovators are working so they can pay more than 60% of their income to the federal government you might want to get your head out of the Hollywood script and look at some of the people who take the American dream very seriously. This magic carpet ride starts in September... I'll be in Minneapolis posting stories and interviews on this page and on YouTube. You'll be able to follow my adventure on Twitter. After Minneapolis, I'm off to California and Washington, DC.... and maybe your town. See you out there.


We, the People: Our motive? The American dream. So wake up! Get your head out of the Hollywood script and into reality. Stop Cap and Trade legislation. The House passed their bill on Diane W. CollinsJune 26th and the Senate will be working on their version in mid-September. These two bills will have to be reconciled before Cap and Trade is made into law. We need a real "all of the above approach" to energy independence not rhetoric and hidden agendas. We need to end foreign oil dependence the right way... not the hard way. Let's not let them grind American industry to a halt, destroy existing jobs and increase costs to consumers. Start making noise! They're stealing the American dream.


** by Diane W. Collins, Founder, Marketingweb.com.
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Rep. Blackburn shows courage as she attempts to fully disclose any financial benefits Al Gore might stand to gain from "Cap and Trade" legislation.


Al Gore's arrogance demonstrated in this video is unbecoming that of a professional at any level... much less one being asked to respectfully respond to the legitimate questions of a United States Representative.



Newt Gingrich has a lot to say about America's energy resources debunking

those who insist "green" energy is America's only way to end foreign oil dependence. We need an "all of the above" approach to solving the energy crisis... one that won't grind industry to a halt and financially burden already strapped consumers. Let's end foreign oil dependence the right way... not the hard way!



On September 27th, 2013 the United Nations Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change issued its 5th Climate Change Assessment Report. John Coleman's Rebuttal was telecast on Monday, September 30th on the KUSI News.


*John Coleman- a scientist, founder of The Weather channel, and respected meterologist with over 60 years covering the weather passed away in 2018.