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First of all, there's plenty of blame to go around. Everyone is part of this mess.


Big Oil: Profit is the motive. Are you surprised? That's the name of the game in a capitalist society, which gratefully we are... I think. Currently, drilling and importing oil from other countries and refining it here is more profitable. Demonstrating this point, the Dallas Morning News reported on Exxon's decision to take a good share of its game to China. Interesting. China doesn't have Cap and Trade. There Exxon can continue to drill as they always have... very profitably. You have to hand it to Exxon for keeping it simple. Pretty elementary, actually. When the bully on the playground starts shoving you around it's a good idea to make friends with the guy who can clean his clock. China owns us.


Green Energy: Profit is the motive. Are you surprised? Companies that stand to gain from the Cap and Trade legislation are salivating. Of course, most of the technology is still in development and that which isn't still needs a means of delivery... thus, all the talk about the "New Grid." Also, by calling this new energy "green" energy (instead of just "new" energy) and basing its value on the premise that fossil fuel is "bad" because Al Gore says so, sets up the age old conflict of good versus evil. The perfect marketing plan. That's not to say that "new" energy isn't good. "New" energy is good from a competitive standpoint. "New" energy could help keep checks and balances on fossil fuel ...which until now has pretty much been in a position of absolute power. The problem is "new" or "green" is more expensive to produce so consumers will pay more. Enter the lobbyists.


Lobbyists: Power and control is the motive. Lobbyists represent special interest groups. Various legislation can positively or adversely affect the interests of the group. The lobbyist's job is to connect with the politicians who can influence that legislation. Both Big Oil and Green Energy have skin in this game. Lobbyists must register and are regulated by laws requiring the disclosure of political contributions. However, this is an arena ripe for abuse, hence the frequent news stories. Enter the media.


Media: Their current charter? Push the agenda of the parent company. Support the politicians and lobbyists that support the parent. Preempt the rest. Funny... media's biggest worry use to be getting the story right. More recently it was market share and advertising, actually adding to the bottom line. But now it seems to be little more than propaganda. With some of the parent companies tanking, it will be interesting to see what model they adopt next. For example, GE which is heavily invested in the green energy initiative owns NBC. Currently, GE is doing a good job of destroying themselves and NBC... thanks to "Jeff" Immelt, CEO.


Politicians: Power and control is the motive. Support the interests that put them in power not necessarily the people. Deliver rhetoric with the proper spin to keep the masses in check. Keep their eye on the ball. Case in point, why do you think the Obama administration is so active in trying to get the world to accept the Global Warming Initiative? It's a chess move that favors Green Energy. It would box in Big Oil. But the Chinese aren't playing and neither is India, as Secretary Clinton recently discovered.


We, the People: Our motive? The American dream. So wake up! Get your head out of the Hollywood script and into reality. Stop "Cap and Trade" legislation. The House passed their bill on Diane W. CollinsJune 26th and the Senate will be working on their version in mid-September. These two bills will have to be reconciled before "Cap and Trade" is made into law. We need a real "all of the above approach" to energy independence not rhetoric and hidden agendas. We need to end foreign oil dependence the right way... not the hard way. Let's not let them grind American industry to a halt, destroy existing jobs and increase costs to consumers. Start making noise! They're stealing the American dream.


** by Diane W. Collins, Founder,
Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved.

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Rep. Blackburn shows courage as she attempts to fully disclose any financial benefits Al Gore might stand to gain from "Cap and Trade" legislation.


Al Gore's arrogance demonstrated in this video is unbecoming that of a professional at any level... much less one being asked to respectfully respond to the legitimate questions of a United States Representative.



Newt Gingrich has a lot to say about America's energy resources debunking

those who insist "green" energy is America's only way to end foreign oil dependence. We need an "all of the above" approach to solving the energy crisis... one that won't grind industry to a halt and financially burden already strapped consumers. Let's end foreign oil dependence the right way... not the hard way!



According to John Coleman, Founder of The Weather Channel global warming is a fraud. It seems 30,000 other scientists including 9,000 PhDs agree.


Coleman and his group want to sue Al Gore over what they term " false statements" and hope their story will be heard.