Getting the "real story" or something we use to call the "truth" seems to be difficult today. Everyone has their own agenda filled with personal interests and favors owed to those who put them in power. What we do get, however, is a lot of rhetoric aimed at appeasing the masses ...telling us what we want to hear while enacting programs that are stealing the very essence of the American dream and destroying the middle class.


Journalism in the United States of America no longer serves as the watchdog, that objective once-upon-a-time "4th branch" in our balance of powers. The idea of "getting the facts... just the facts" is gone as we sit night after night watching "Op-Ed" where news use to be. Perhaps this is our own fault. Our busy lives along with a culture of self indulgence have led us to a place where we allow others to tell us what we think. Our apathy has fueled their road to power while those who desperately try to get light to dawn on the majority of us are preempted... blocked from coverage online and off.


It's a Hollywood America where you write the script and play it like it's real. Where you tell people who don't even have jobs they can buy a house. In this America the Federal Reserve can print money it can no longer borrow and tell us straight faced it won't dilute value or cause runaway inflation. This is where an energy crisis can be "solved" by crippling the existing paradigm and pushing undeveloped technologies and the companies that own them to the forefront of power. Unfortunately, when this movie is over the consequences are the only thing that will be quite real. So, how did we get here?


We, the people have been studied, researched, and analyzed by every marketing company and pollster around. They know how to push the buttons, turn us on, tune us in, and dial us up. They tells us whatever they need to say to enact their agenda. We're being played.


So wake up America. Wake up! You think $4 a gallon gasoline was bad? In the words of Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, "You better start thinking about $8 a gallon." The true purpose of "Cap and Trade" is to level the playing field for green energy companies. In other words, increase the existing price of energy to a point where "green" can compete. The devastating effect on the economy will be felt by every industry and every consumer! And all of this is being done under the Hollywood script of "Saving the Environment." Take the blinders off. Let's dig a little deeper and look at The Players.


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Rep. Blackburn shows courage as she attempts to fully disclose any financial benefits Al Gore might stand to gain from "Cap and Trade" legislation.


Al Gore's arrogance demonstrated in this video is unbecoming that of a professional at any level... much less one being asked to respectfully respond to the legitimate questions of a United States Representative.



Newt Gingrich has a lot to say about America's energy resources debunking

those who insist "green" energy is America's only way to end foreign oil dependence. We need an "all of the above" approach to solving the energy crisis... one that won't grind industry to a halt and financially burden already strapped consumers. Let's end foreign oil dependence the right way... not the hard way!



On September 27th, 2013 the United Nations Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change issued its 5th Climate Change Assessment Report. John Coleman's Rebuttal was telecast on Monday, September 30th on the KUSI News.


*John Coleman- a scientist, founder of The Weather channel, and respected meterologist with over 60 years covering the weather passed away in 2018.