America has vast energy resources. Yet the liberal left would tell you that we have seriously depleted those resources and in the process severely effected our environment through global warming. The game here once again is GREED. This time it's displayed by the liberal left accompanied by a self-deceptive sense of environmental superiority. Unfortunately, the "superiority" is based on debunked scientific theory.


Newt Gingrich in testimony before Congress calls Al Gore's remarks regarding the depletion of America's resources "fundamentally untrue." Gingrich goes on to list a number of them in the video located to the right. We've entitled it "Clearing the Record on America's Resources." Make sure you watch it. John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel along with 30,000 other scientists including 9,000 PhDs want to sue Al Gore over what they term "false statements" regarding global warming. Coleman's interview is also located to the right and is entitled, Weather Channel Founder Challenges Gore."


Wouldn't it be nice if Congress represented the interests of the people instead of special interests? Isn't that their duty as elected officials... to represent the people? Isn't it the duty of Congress to vote for legislation that first provides a responsible end to foreign oil dependence (which is actually a national security issue) while supporting America's existing energy companies; and second to vote for legislation that supports the development of private sector "green" energy through government cooperation NOT intervention, market manipulation and back-door deals?


Do we have to destroy our existing economy (what little is left) by artificially pushing the energy paradigm to go "green" overnight? We haven't even tried to use our existing means of energy production to responsibly end our dependence on foreign oil. In fact according to Newt Gingrich,


(and I paraphrase), "Al Gore supported the government stopping the exploration for oil, supported the government stopping the development of shale oil in Colorado, supported the government reduction in the use of coal where we hold 27% of the world's reserves. Then they say, We have no resources. Not true! Obama's budget proposes to raise taxes on oil and natural gas development at time we need more oil and more jobs." (end paraphrase)


So, are we facing an instance of the liberal Left "pushing the paradigm" or destroying it? Many are asking that question today and looking deeper into the careers, radical alliances, and potential benefits of those running pellmell toward green energy and dragging the rest of the country with them. Listen to Rep. Blackburn in the video to the right entitled, "The Financial Interests Behind Cap & Trade." In the video she addresses any potential interests or benefits Al Gore might derive from Cap and Trade legislation.


We have energy resources, America! They include onshore and offshore oil, coal, hydro power, natural gas, nuclear power, wind, solar... and we have them right now! Our emphasis should be to first analyze the best use of ALL our existing resources and determine what will provide clean, efficient, environmentally friendly, cost effective energy for the American people right now... not tomorrow. You want consumers to purchase goods and contribute to the economic recovery? They have to have something left to spend after they fill up the tank and pay to heat and cool their homes! They won't if you spike the cost of energy through brut force legislation like "Cap and Trade" ... which manipulates markets and produces an artificial advantage for new green companies.


Yes, America. We will invent the green technology to produce the more efficient, cleaner fuels of the future. Our existing energy companies see the potential and are working on the future right now. One example is Exxon's $600M investment in genetically engineered biofuels... turning algae into fuel "that can be used in cars, trucks and planes without significant engine modifications," according to the Dallas Morning News. But, we need to use today what we have today while working on delivering the future. Listen, America. The liberal Left is trying to require us to use today what we do not have (green energy) in order to produce a better tomorrow. Yeah, I know... it doesn't make any sense. That's the point.


Second, after analyzing the types of energy we currently have and making an honest "best practices" decision, we need to prioritize our steps toward ending foreign oil dependence. We're doing that when:


We convert cars to natural gas and electricity and require better mileage from gasoline powered vehicles.


We make decisions to develop our "wind corridors" regionally before building a massive and potentially intrusive electric grid.(A grid that may or may not be able to deliver power across the nation because it is dependent upon the development of a particular type of battery that can store wind-produced energy... a battery we don't have yet.)


We allow our coal producing states to investigate and produce coal powered plants that capture 60 percent of their carbon dioxide emissions and trap them underground... as proposed by the FutureGen project... (even if it isn't built in Texas.)


We allow states experienced in the building and responsible management of nuclear power plants to produce nuclear energy. Have at it!


LET'S USE WHAT WE HAVE TO BRIDGE THE GAP TO ENERGY INDEPENDENCE! We need to stop this thinly veiled, potentially catastrophic battle featuring the would-be-titans of green energy versus the titans of fossil fuels and start concentrating on providing affordable energy to businesses and consumers. This will support economic growth while ending our dependence on foreign oil. Then, we will be able to work from a more secure position developing new sources of energy through research programs like Exxon's $600M investment in genetically engineered biofuels... turning algae into fuel that can be used in cars, trucks and planes without significant engine modifications.


As to the argument, "We want to be the country that develops new green energy technology and supplies it to the world. We want America to be the leader in green energy technology." Who do you think is doing some of the most effective current research? The existing energy paradigm based on capitalism understands there's a profit to be made as we move toward green energy. (In addition to Exxon, need I mention T. Boone Pickens? What about the fact that according to a Pew study Texas, a state with a large fossil fuel industry ranked No. 3 in venture capital investment in clean energy behind California and Massachusetts?) Don't let the liberal Left destroy the existing energy paradigm's incentive to invest in America. If you do, it will be your increased tax dollars funding the "green energy" paradigm... not the private sector. Stand up America!


We, the People: Our motive? The American dream. So wake up! Get your head out of the Hollywood script and into reality. Stop Cap and Trade legislation. The House passed their bill on Diane W. CollinsJune 26th and the Senate will be working on their version in mid-September. These two bills will have to be reconciled before Cap and Trade is made into law. We need a real "all of the above approach" to energy independence not rhetoric and hidden agendas. We need to end foreign oil dependence the right way... not the hard way. Let's not let them grind American industry to a halt, destroy existing jobs and increase costs to consumers. Start making noise! They're stealing the American dream.


** by Diane W. Collins, Founder, Marketingweb.com.
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Rep. Blackburn shows courage as she attempts to fully disclose any financial benefits Al Gore might stand to gain from "Cap and Trade" legislation.


Al Gore's arrogance demonstrated in this video is unbecoming that of a professional at any level... much less one being asked to respectfully respond to the legitimate questions of a United States Representative.



Newt Gingrich has a lot to say about America's energy resources debunking

those who insist "green" energy is America's only way to end foreign oil dependence. We need an "all of the above" approach to solving the energy crisis... one that won't grind industry to a halt and financially burden already strapped consumers. Let's end foreign oil dependence the right way... not the hard way!



On September 27th, 2013 the United Nations Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change issued its 5th Climate Change Assessment Report. John Coleman's Rebuttal was telecast on Monday, September 30th on the KUSI News.


*John Coleman- a scientist, founder of The Weather channel, and respected meterologist with over 60 years covering the weather passed away in 2018.